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We revel in the music, in the camaraderie, and especially in finding we can create amazing harmonies together way beyond what most of us individually thought possible. Every new voice brings power and joy to all of us. Join us!”

— Judi H.

As a current member of this choir I can wholeheartedly recommend joining! It is so much fun, and you really don't need any experience to join.”

— Ellen D.

Thank you for another wonderful term of singing. I loved the song choices. Monday evenings are always so much better when I get to sing with HSH. I have also loved getting to know you and our awesome crew. XOXO”

— Logan B.

I've been thinking about the wonderful gift you have given us in the songs and music you've taught us. It is the gift that keeps giving and pours out of me as I sing our songs to my granddaughter. Thank you Jennifer for touching the spirit.”

— Anne W.

I've been part of High Spirit Harmonies for years, and I hope you'll come check us out. If you need more than an invitation to try it out, read on: Daniel Pink is one of my life influencers, and in his book, When, he makes many evidence-based recommendations for greater productivity and well-being. One of his top suggestions is this: "Choral singing is the new exercise. Research shows that singing in a choir elevates mood, protects against depression, boosts immune response, and makes people more likely to do good deeds." I personally have experienced this, and hope you'll join us. In a choir like ours, every member helps everyone else sound, feel and do better. COME JOIN US!”

— Judi

Hi Jennifer and thank you once again for your warm welcome to High Spirit Harmonies! You truly made me feel part of the family and I loved the way you conducted the group and created harmony so beautifully. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet you and make new friends.”

— Kiran Rathod

Thanks for your musical influence on our lives.”

— Julie N. W.

Hi Jen, Thank you for the delicious treat to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the choir. The group is a healing experience and touches us deep down to some kind of core that connects us all. As a conductor, you draw out our spirit through music, literally creating a harmonic convergence. It is not uncommon for us to feel tears welling up while singing the more meditative songs. These are the kinds of experiences that one never forgets. Thank you for all you do.”

— Anne W.

Thank you so much for offering us the opportunity for a song bath tonight. It felt so good. I came home and painted what it felt like to lay there in the center…. Thank you again for all the love you share.”

— Joy S.

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