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Do you hold auditions?
No. Our choir welcomes all voices and we are all about creating community through singing. It is everyone's birthright to sing, and we want your unique voice to sing with us!

May I visit your choir before I sign up?
Absolutely. It is the best way to determine if our choir is a fit for you. You are welcome to visit any time during a season. Sing with us, sit and listen, or do both.

On the second choir meeting of each season, we offer a 30-minute New Member Orientation. The orientation gives you an opportunity to connect with other new singers and Jennifer, our Director. She will briefly review logistics about the venue, season events, songs, choir details, and answer any questions you may have. Talk a bit about your experience. Are you brand new to singing? Maybe you haven't sung in years, decades? Have you always wanted to sing, but were told you should never sing again? Is singing your passion and you're looking for a low-key, friendly, fun yet dedicated group to sing with? We want to hear your story.

We strongly encourage you to attend the New Member Orientation.

What are we going to sing?
High Spirit Harmonies sings a wide variety of songs that are easy to learn. All songs are taught by ear in the aural tradition of call and response. Our repertoire includes folk songs, rounds, original compositions, and the occasional song sung in a language other than English. We honor the songwriters, arrangers, origins, and/or stories for each song. The songs we sing are connected by their beauty, playfulness, inspiration, and harmonies.

When and where are the singing sessions?  
• Monday evenings, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
• Wash Park Center for Music & Arts, 400 S. Williams Street, Denver 
• Parking is available in the small parking lot on the NE corner of South Williams Street and East Dakota Avenue, or look for street parking on East Dakota. Please do not park on South Williams.

What, when and where are sectionals?
• Sectionals are an opportunity for singers to focus on their part from a song (or two) each week
• Wednesday evenings (always over Zoom): 
   - Sopranos: 6:30 - 7:00 p.m.
   - Tenors:  7:00 - 7:30 p.m.
   - Altos & Basses:  7:30 - 8:00 p.m.
• A Zoom link will be provided after registration & payment are received

How often do we sing?
• Spring Season - 15 weeks (January - April, or early May)
• Summer Season - 8 weeks (June - July, or early August)
• Fall Season - 12 weeks (September - November, or early December)
• Details for the current season are here

Do you have end-of-season celebrations?
Yes. On the last day of each season, we invite family and friends to celebrate with us. The choir will sing for approximately one hour (we'll share the songs we've been singing all season) followed by a small reception with food brought by the choir.

What is the expected commitment?
We don't have any attendance requirements but we hope you will attend every week. When we are preparing for our end-of-season celebration, we suggest you make an extra effort to come to choir practice as well as listen to the practice tracks to feel ready.

What will the sessions look like?
All sessions are held in a beautiful, welcoming venue. The acoustics are great, the venue is wheelchair accessible, and there is a gender-neutral bathroom on the main floor. Doors will open 10 minutes in advance, allowing time for you to settle in and socialize. We start promptly at 7:00 p.m., warm up our voices and get focused. We take an 8-10 minute break about half-way through.

When can I join the choir?
The best time to join us is within the first 4 sessions of each season.

May children join the choir?
Yes. Children aged 10 and up are welcome to join the choir, but they must be accompanied by an adult.

Does the venue have a gender-neutral bathroom? 
Yes. On the main floor, easily accessible to where we sing.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
Yes. The wheelchair entrance is accessed from the alley off E. Dakota Ave. (the cross street on the north side of the church). There are a couple of parking spots in the alley to the left of the ramp at the back entrance to the church.

What are the perks of singing with High Spirit Harmonies?
• Support from a warm and welcoming group of singers  
• Chance to make new friends
• Opportunities to sing in public (e.g., flash mobs, singing at the Botanic Gardens, World Singing Day, caroling in winter)
• Extra Events offered each season have included: a moonrise walk, afternoon tea, karaoke

I'm curious... Are there any physical and emotional benefits to singing?
Yes, there are many! Singing has been scientifically proven to benefit our bodies and our minds. Here are only a few examples of the benefits:
• Singing regulates heart rate (our hearts start to beat at the same time within minutes of singing together!)
• Singing strengthens the immune system
• Singing helps with sleep
• Singing reduces stress levels and depression
• Singing improves mental alertness
• Singing boosts your confidence


What if I can't attend every week?   
We offer a Drop-In Option. This allows you to be a member and enjoy ten sessions spread out over a year, so you can come whenever your busy schedule permits.     

Can I transfer my drop-in sessions into a season membership?   
Yes. If you decide at any time you want a season membership (spring, summer, fall), you can use any remaining sessions from the Drop-In Option toward the current season's total payment.   

When does the Drop-In Option expire?  
One year after purchase date. We keep track of attendance and will send you an email when you have either two sessions left, or one month before expiration, whichever comes first.     

Where can I buy the Drop-In Option?   
The Drop-In Option is available for purchase after you register


How much does it cost to join High Spirit Harmonies?   
• Spring Season $315   
• Summer Season $185   
• Fall Season $250   
• Drop-in Option $275 for 10 sessions   
• Annual Membership $675 (10% discount)   
• Options are available for purchase after you register 

Do you offer any discount specials?   
Yes! We offer two options: 

1. Singing Buddies Special! Is this your and/or your buddy's first time singing with High Spirit Harmonies? If so, you both receive a 25% discount for the season. When you bring a new buddy to another season, you will get the discount again (and your new buddy will too, of course)! After you register, select the Singing Buddies option on the payment page, and you're all set! 

2. Pay What You Can. In the spirit of addressing historic and systemic barriers to participation, we offer a “pay what you can” option for Black, Indigenous, and other individuals of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, individuals living with disabilities, and individuals living with lower income. This option is available to choose after you register

What is your refund policy?  
Let us know in writing and you will receive a refund for the remaining sessions in the season, minus a $50 cancellation fee. No refunds are given after the first four weeks of the season. There are no refunds for the Drop-In Option; however, it is transferable so you may give unused sessions to a friend. All cancellations, refunds, and transfer requests must be made in writing.