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How is the choir meeting during COVID-19?
High Spirit Harmonies has moved online (over Zoom) and will continue online until further notice. You may find, as ​we have, that singing virtually is still fun​​, makes us feel good, and ​gives us something to look forward to each week. ​We hope you will consider joining us from wherever you are in the world!!

Do you hold auditions?
No. Our choir welcomes all voices and we are about creating community through singing. We are born to sing and we want your unique voice to sing with us!

May I visit your choir before I sign up?
Absolutely. It is a great way to determine if our choir is a fit for you. The best time to visit us is during our Open House which starts at 7:00 pm MT on the first night of each season. To register for the current season's Open House, be sure to visit our Home page.

If you have missed the Open House for the current season, please contact us and we will invite you to the next online session.

What are we going to sing?
High Spirit Harmonies sings a wide variety of songs that are easy to learn. All songs are taught by ear in the oral tradition of call and response. Our repertoire includes folk songs, rounds, original compositions, and songs from around the world. The songs we sing are connected by their beauty, playfulness, inspiration, and gorgeous harmonies. As we sing, our souls become lighter, and our hearts open to joy.

When and where are the singing sessions? 
• Monday Sessions, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. MT
• Wednesday Sectionals (1/2 hour for each section):
   - Tenors:  4:00 - 4:30 p.m. MT
   - Sopranos:  4:30 - 5:00 p.m. MT
   - Altos & Basses:  7:30 - 8:00 p.m. MT
• We meet online via Zoom (links for the season provided after registration & payment received)

How often do we sing?
• Spring Season - 15 weeks (January - April)
• Summer Season - 8 or 9 weeks (June - July/August)
• Fall Season - 12 weeks (September - November)
• See details for the current season on the Home page

Do you have end of season concerts?
Yes. We participate in an online, collaborative benefit concert (aka a Big, Big Sing!) over Zoom at the end of the Spring and Fall Seasons. The Big, Big Sing includes virtual choir performances, "live" performances, and more).  The concerts usually take place on the first Sunday in May and December every year.

What is the expected commitment?
We don't have any attendance requirements; we hope you will attend every week. To feel ready for the virtual choirs we enjoy putting together, we suggest you plan on attending the Monday night Sessions (1.5 hours each, including a short break), the Wednesday evening Sectionals (30 minutes each for tenor/bass, alto, soprano), and listening to the practice tracks.

What will the sessions look like?
All sessions are held online over Zoom. You may enter the session a few minutes before 7:00. We start promptly at 7:00 pm MT with tuning in and warming up. Around 8:00, we take a short break and encourage you to join your randomly assigned breakout room so you can chat with other choir members.

When can I join the choir?
The best time to join us is within the first 4 sessions of each season.

If we're always virtual, how do we get to know one another?
We have a Social Hour every Friday from 2:00 - 3:00 pm MT over Zoom. This is a relaxing time for us to get to know one another better through discussing all kinds of topics of interest to the group gathered that week. The Social Hour is open to current and alumni choir members.

What are the perks of singing with High Spirit Harmonies?
• Support from a warm and welcoming group of singers  
• Chance to make new friends
• Sectionals each week to focus on learning just your part
• Practice Tracks to learn from and sing with throughout the week
• Social Hour

I'm curious... Are there any physical and emotional benefits to singing?
Yes, there are many! Singing has been scientifically proven to benefit our bodies and our minds. Here are a few of the benefits:
• Singing regulates heart rate
• Singing strengthens the immune system
• Singing helps with sleep
• Singing reduces stress levels and depression
• Singing improves mental alertness
• Singing boosts your confidence


    What if I can't attend on a weekly basis?
    We offer a Drop-In Option. This allows you to be a member and enjoy 10 sessions spread out over a year, so you can come whenever your busy schedule permits.  

    Can I transfer my drop-in sessions into a season membership?
    Yes. If you decide at any time you want a season membership (spring, summer, fall), you can use any remaining sessions from the Drop-In Option toward the current season's total payment.

    When does the Drop-In Option expire?
    One year after purchase. We keep track of attendance and will send you an email when you have either 2 sessions left, or one month before expiration, whichever comes first.  

    Where can I buy the Drop-In Option?
    The Drop-In Option is available for purchase after you submit your registration form.


    Do you offer any discount specials? 
    Yes! We offer a Singing Buddies Special! When you and a friend both register for the season and one of you is new to our choir community, then you both receive a 25% discount for the season. Here's how...
    When each of you registers:
    1)  Enter your friend's name under "My Singing Buddy's Name”
    2)  Select the Singing Buddies option on the payment page

    How much does it cost to join High Spirit Harmonies?
    • Spring Season $315
    • Summer Season $185
    • Fall Season $250
    • Drop-in Option $275 for 10 sessions
    • Annual Membership $675 (10% discount)
    • Options are available for purchase after you submit your registration form

    When are payments due?
    Online registration and payment are due by 12:00 p.m. Mountain Time on the day of the second session (the week after Open House).

    I am on a fixed income and can't afford it right now. Am I still able to participate?  
    Yes. High Spirit Harmonies is committed to raising all voices and lifting up all spirits through singing. We offer a few volunteer opportunities each season, and will not turn anyone away due to lack of funds. Let's find a solution that fits best; reach out to Jennifer here.

    What is your refund policy?
    Let us know in writing and you will receive a refund for the remaining sessions in the season, minus a $50 cancellation fee. No refunds are given after the first four weeks of the season. There are no refunds for the Drop-In Option; however, it is transferable so you may give unused sessions to a friend. All cancellations, refunds, and transfer requests must be made in writing.